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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use more than one gift card per transaction?

Please note, you will only be able to use one gift card per transaction. You can find more information regarding the Terms & Conditions of each Retailer by selecting the link at the bottom of each website. You can also click here to see a complete list of the gift cards Terms & Conditions regarding your credits and usage

What if I do not use the full balance on my gift card?

Any remaining balance left on your gift card is good for use at the specific retailer noted, until the gift card expires. All gift cards are subject to the expiration date noted on your gift card, or email delivery.

Where can I shop with the gift card(s)?

You may shop directly online at the specific retailers’ website. You may also visit to find the corresponding retailers website link. eOutlet Stores are online shopping portals, and there are no brick and mortar stores.

Can I transfer my gift card balance?

Store gift card balances may not be combined with credits from other store gift cards. Gift cards cannot be transferred for value, or their balances applied or combined with any other account. Please note, only one gift card may be used per transaction. For a complete list of our Terms & Conditions please click the following link: Terms & Conditions

Can I exchange my gift card for cash?

Our gift cards do not have a cash value, therefore may not be redeemed for cash or check. Our gift cards may only be used in accordance with the terms and conditions stated and their respective retailers.

Can I use the same login for each retailer?

If you do not already have an online account with and its affiliated retailers, please click Create Account.
Creating an account will register you for all of the 9 retailers, and allow you to track your order(s) online by clicking on our Customer Service Link. Simply just use your login information you created to sign in to each retailer.

How do I change my email or passwords?

Please click the link "Forgot Your Password” on the account login screen, then enter your username and email address. Your password will automatically be sent to the email address you used to open your account.

How do I change my information?

You may change your account settings by logging into your account and clicking the "Customer Service” link at the top-right of the page. You will then click "Change Customer Information".

How do I remove or change an item from my cart?

When you are in your cart and want to remove or add to the quantity listed, just check the box next to the product you would like to remove, and click on "ReCalculate”.

How much will the Shipping and Handling cost for my order?

Certain items bare a free shipping badge, located with the image of the item. You may safely assume that those items will incur no shipping charges whatsoever. If an item does not have the free shipping badge displayed on the image of the item, or anywhere in the products description, then a shipping fee will be calculated at the time of checkout.

How do I apply my gift card to my order?

You will be prompted to enter your gift card code during the checkout process.

You can place an order by selecting the merchandise you have wished to purchase and clicking the "Add to Cart" button.

Once you have selected "Add to Cart", you will be redirected to your shopping cart. If your order appears to be correct you can then select the "Proceed to Checkout" button.

If you have not previously registered an account with any of the eOutlet Store's retailers, you must do so to finalize your transaction. Once you have selected the "Proceed to checkout” button you will be prompted to "Login" or "Checkout". You can select "Checkout" to register an account and enter your gift card credit in the designated field.

You will be required to fill in the necessary information to have your order shipped to you.

Once you have completed the Customer Registration page, select the "Continue” button located at the bottom right corner of the page.

My Gift Card Code isn’t working.

We apologize you are experiencing difficulty with your gift card. Please enter your gift card as it appears, including spaces.

If your gift card code still does not work, please provide us your code number and we will be happy to further research. You can email us here.

What forms of payment are accepted?

At this time, all of the online stores accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Please ensure that your billing information entered matches that of your Financial Institutions records.

We recommend that you contact the Customer Service number on any Visa, Mastercard and Discover gift cards to register your address before proceeding with your payment at any of our online retailers.

Why was my credit card declined?

If you had available funds on your credit card, and your transaction declined, then your card most likely declined due to an address mismatch. The address you put in may not match the address on your credit card billing information exactly.

If you have a hold on the funds, even though it declined, your credit card company is simply holding the funds waiting for us to put a transaction through – but we won’t do that – since we declined. The hold on those funds will drop off usually within a week – or you can call your bank and ask them to remove the hold.

If you have a gift card, your credit will still show if you did not completely checkout - since you were declined. If you still want to order you can log back in and check out again, but this time make sure with your bank the address that you have listed on your account is correct and that you have available funds, before checking out.

I forgot to enter my gift card code when I checked out.

Please email or call Customer Service. Have your Gift Card Code readily available, and we will assist you in your refund.

How long will it be before I get my order(s)?

Our normal shipping time frame is 7 - 10 business days from the date you submitted Your order. Please note, this is the time frame in which your order will ship from our warehouse. Once your order ships you will be notified with a tracking confirmation number.

The time in transit ranges from 1 – 8 business days. This is the estimated time it takes the carrier to deliver the item. Time in transit begins when the shipping carrier picks up the package from the warehouse. This time period depends on what part of the country the item is being shipped from and to. After your order is processed, you can log in to your store account and check the order status of your shipment.

How can I change or cancel an order?

Please contact us immediately by phone or email once you decide you need to change or cancel the order. If the order hasn’t shipped, we can change or cancel the order upon your request. If the order has shipped, please review the return policy for more information on processing that request.

How do I return an item?

All return policies are posted on the item detail area. Click on the item, and under Additional information you will see the exact return policy for that particular item. You can also review the return policy by clicking on the return policy link located on the bottom of each website page. Please review the return policy in detail and contact us by email with any specific inquiries.

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